Care instructions for men's shirts

01 Washing

All Vester men's shirts, regardless of composition, should be washed with a neutral detergent at a maximum water temperature of 40°C.

Men's shirts containing viscose, bamboo and tencel should be washed in a gentle mode, with a slow centrifuge spin cycle.

To make the fabric more receptive to further ironing, we recommend the use of conditioner.
Bleaching and the use of chlorine-containing products, washing powders with bleaching agents are forbidden.

02 Drying

We recommend drying men's shirts flat in an upright position, on a shoulder. For better ironing, do not wait until the garment is completely dry, but remove it from the shoulder when it is damp.

03 Ironing

Vester men's shirts containing a mixture of bamboo and polyester or cotton and polyester should be ironed at the temperature up to 150°C. Ironing is possible through a slightly damp cloth or with an iron with a steam humidifier.
Men's shirts made of 100% cotton or linen should be ironed at the temperature up to 200°C.
Vester men's shirt sizing
Vester men's shirt size range consists of two components: height and neck circle. This allows a man even with the most non-standard figure to find a model that suits him in all parameters.

How to measure the neck circle?

Wrap the neck with a centimeter tape so that the lower edge of the tape passed through the neck shoulder point in the back, and in the front closed over the sternal notch. The result in centimeters is your neck circle size.
Long sleeve size chart
Short sleeve size chart
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